I want you to think about this question: “What vision is guiding your life?”

When Paul’s eyes were blinded and Ananias laid hands on him for the return of his sight, Paul had already “seen” Ananias in a vision. (Acts 9:12) And, when his eyes were opened Paul saw a completely different world.

Jesus told the disciples to “Go into all the world…” and plant a vision into men’s hearts.

John in Revelation saw beyond what his eyes could see to what God was showing him of the coming days.

Vision is “unusual capability in discernment or perception.” Scripturally speaking, it is seeing the Supernatural! Each one of us has sight—from the inside—to reach beyond what our flesh sees to what God has given. We must allow God to plant in us a vision for what He has already put in place.

Please join me as we embark on this journey of greater vision and seeing growth in our church, both physically and spiritually. Your insight will make a difference!

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