There Is Greatness In You

There Is Greatness In You

This weeks “From the Pastor” update is from Associate Pastor Justin Fields.


God has BIG THINGS to do and He wants to do them through YOU!

The mystery that was hidden from the ages is this: CHRIST IN YOU—the Hope of Glory (Colossians 1:25-27). It is glorious GOOD NEWS! If you are in Him then He is in you. There is nothing too hard for Him, there is nothing impossible for Him therefore, there is nothing too hard or impossible for you—because YOU are where HE lives!

Jesus said that those who believe in Him would have great signs and wonders that would follow them. Jesus said that anyone who believes in Him would do the works that He did AND GREATER WORKS than He did (John 14:12). We think it an arrogant and prideful thought…but JESUS said it! Do you believe in Him? Then that is His promise to you…if you choose to receive it. He wants to put His glory on display through you. He wants the world to come to know Him and He has called you and me to be vessels He can use to do that. We get to partner with Him to see the whole world transformed by the same love, grace, and glory that transformed us.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Justin K. Fields

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