Own The Mission

Own The Mission

I feel deeply within my soul that God is pouring fresh water into our thirsty souls and bringing fresh fire to burn away the old and let His Presence come forth with a new zeal.

One thing God asks us to do is to “set our house in order” and “let everything be done with decency and in order.” God has uniquely set great people in our church. Our desire is to equip those people who are already serving, and those who will server, to bring focus to the call that God has given to everyone at FCC.

God tells us to “try the spirits and see if they be of God or not.” If the spirit we are operating is in not of God it is a dividing spirit. Growth comes through people who will take the challenge and the task they’ve been given and run with it–people who own the mission in their own lives and spheres of influence.

Let me challenge you to be all you can be for the growth of God’s church so that we can be a church where hurting, broken people can come and be loved back to health and wholeness.

Caged Up!