How Do We Make God’s Glory Known?

How Do We Make God’s Glory Known?

How do we make God’s glory known? By allowing Him to work His gifts through us. He said, “Love one another.” That means…love! He said, “Forgive”…just forgive! He said, “Give”…That means to give! There is no mystery to it! It is very simple. Let the God you have received, Who dwells in you, work His works through you

He said, “I want My gifts that I have given you—and the power to operate them—working in out of you.” He has given us gifts and power to discern spirits, to prophecy, to speak in other tongues and interpret, to cast out demons, to heal the sick, to raise the dead.

You may say that you can’t do that, that this is too much for you. Guess what? You’re right! The point of it all is God working through you.

One word is enough to change the results of major things. A mustard seed is small—but that’s all the faith you need to move mountains. Start allowing seemingly small things to come out of your mouth, your heart, your spirit that speak God’s purpose, power, and love into a world that needs to be transformed by His supernatural grace.

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