A Memorial Day Message

A Memorial Day Message

We are always receiving special offers in the mail—coupons, give-aways, sale offers—something to get our attention. Let me offer you something today–a moment in time–to honor those who have given their all. All those who have gone before us to give us the greatest nation on the earth, deserve our time to stand still and honor their sacrifice.

Let’s not become so caught up in celebration this weekend that we forget to give honor where honor is due. Each time we pay tribute to our fallen it strengthens our own lives. Everything worthwhile costs something. Someone felt pain at your birth but that pain brought you into the world, a gloriously and wonderfully made creation of our Creator God.

Stop and pledge your allegiance to the God who gave you life and honor those whose sacrifice helps you enjoy the freedom to live in the blessings we share as a nation. We have the freedom to accomplish great things. We have resources most of the world does not get to enjoy—use them to help others. When you give of yourself we make the world a better place for all.

God Bless you,

Pastor Jackie Sanders

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